Sunday, September 18, 2016

Planning a mini trip to.....

It's been over a year and half since we came back from our big year round the world trip and while we've been taking our mini trips to some wonderful places, I wanted something a little different.

There are still whole bunch of countries we've never been and I am dying to visit them all but I can only realistically take about ten days, including the travel time.

I wanted to see something different. It would have been nice to go with Frode but our schedules didn't match so I am setting off solo this time!

- So grateful to have such an understanding hubby!!

So here are some places I really want to visit (not in any order):

1. Russia (The biggest country yet I still have not been - must go)
2. Israel (I've heard some amazing stuff :-)
3. Lebanon (Sounds fun and interesting)
4. Tanzania (For another Safari adventure, would be nice)
5. Mongolia (I want to sleep in a yurt)
6. Maldives (It would be nice to spend some quality time in over-water bungalow and have some champagne)
7. Iran (Heard it is amazing and very safe)
8. Croatia (It was on our list for our RTW but we never made it)
9. Kenya (We had to cancel our Kenya trip in 2014 but definitely want to visit)
10. Ethiopia (We only did a quick stopover but would love to actually spend time there)
11. Malawi (Heard it's amazing)
12. Ghana (We were supposed to go there but never made it)
13. Bolivia (Maybe touristy but I need to visit Salar de Uyuni)
14. Colombia

.... hrmm you know what, I see no end to this list, so I will stop here.

Long story short, due to the budget, timing and some other factors... I've decided to explore China's Wild West this time.
 - Other factors being I love Xinjiang food and I was told I can buy an Aladdin's lamp in Kashgar Bazaar!

..kidding, but I've always wanted to visit XinJiang when I was living in Shanghai but never had the opportunity (for 6 years!) - you know when you are working in China, you always look forward to getting away from China for every holiday you get, I am sure any expat in China would understand what I mean...

Anyways, XinJiang is the largest and most ethnically diverse region of China and I would imagine it would be quite different from Shanghai or Beijing (FYI - I love Shanghai).

So, I am very much looking forward to this trip!!

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